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List of all FREE online programming courses this week

Every Tiger Lady knows that upskilling is her best bet in surviving in this tough economy. Big tech companies like Accenture is pushing their employees to take on a new skill or learn an in-demand programming language like Java Script.

Every week, we round up the best and free coding tutorials and classes to help you leap forward. Here is this our first weekly round up of the top free programming courses online for you to slay. These are not paid affiliate links at all. 

Learn Java Script with Google Grasshopper mobile app
Begin your coding journey anywhere even while you’re on the go with Google’s Grasshopper app. It’s a fun way to learn Java Script programming for beginners and intermediate coders through visual puzzles. It’s an intuitive mobile phone game with real-time feedback to guide you step by step.

Google Grasshopper Java Script learning app

Udacity’s Artificial Intelligence Course
This free online course will teach you the basics of AI. Topics covered include machine learning, probabilistic reasoning, robotics, computer visions, and NLP. The non-paid version will not merit you a certificate but you will have insights on industry-relevant applications of Artificial Intelligence.

Udacity’s free online course on Artificial Intelligence

W3schools Programming Language Courses
True to its name, W3schools is the world’s largest developer site. It’s a one-stop shop for the best free programming courses from HTML and CSS, JavaScript, Python, C++, C#, PHP, Java, Ruby, Go, and the list goes on.

W3School’s portal for learning all coding languages for free

Why Filipino women should learn how to code

First reason: because you can.

Learning programming can open a lot of opportunities for Filipino women. There is a wide gender gap in the Philippines’ tech industry and it can be addressed when more women will choose STEM-related courses and eventually become programmers and data scientists.

There is also a conscious demand for global technology companies to hire more women to close the gender pay gap. Accenture and Facebook are just a few big brands who have incorporated women in tech programs in their company.

Programming is a hot skill that most employers are looking forward to hire. Learning to code has become a new form of literacy. True, it’s learning a whole new language.

This skill is also highly applicable and transferable to every industry out there from banking, entertainment, consulting, telecommunications, and the list goes on until the moon. Yes, NASA also wants to hire more women software engineers.

We hope more Filipinas will learn how to code because it opens a lot of employment opportunities and a fair chance to break the glass ceiling – no matter which jungle, forest, or grassland we want to be in.

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