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Welcome to the Tiger Lady

The Tiger Lady Ph is your handy resource in looking for job opportunities, planning your career development, learning hot skills, and finding a mentor. This is an online platform dedicated to empowering Filipino women in the workplace.

The idea came about in 2020 when we saw the devastating effects of the Covid-19 pandemic not only to our health but also to our economy. We’ve seen companies shut down, people being laid off, and employees were given a pay hike.

While everyone is affected, it is the working Filipino women who had to endure the most. Previous NEDA studies have shown that Filipinas often land jobs with low salaries and no security. Seven out of ten women or roughly about 71% are employed in the service sector. Unfortunately, there is an unfair representation of women in industries that require cognitive skills than physical strength.

In 2005, the Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) reported that more than half (55.4%) of BPO workers in the Philippines are women. Filipinas dominate the medical transcription industries, data processing, and other voice and non-voice contact center activities. Sadly, the BPO sector is one of the many industries that are bearing the brunt in this pandemic.

Teaching Filipino women to take a stand in their career choices

So what now? In the middle of lay-offs, company closures, and even the physical and emotional toll of the New Normal, there is one thing for sure – there will be a lot of Filipinas looking for a new job in the coming months.

But how do you stand out? The job market will be tougher as companies will be downsizing. Tech companies in the Philippines will surely prioritize those with hot skills like Java, cloud technologies, and SAP. Contact centers will be actively searching for trained hires for work-from-home accounts. Even freelancing sites are also becoming crowded as everyone is looking for a home-based job they can take on while being quarantined. Among all these things, one thing stands out – you will need to upskill. Learn a hot skill or get a certification fast. This would be the most guaranteed way to recession-proof your career in 2020.

Sadly, a career advice blog is hard to come by in the Philippines. We have a lot of Pinoy bloggers and vloggers whose content is mostly geared towards fashion, lifestyle, and travel. We don’t really see a lot of writing about career planning and job hunting advice. This is is how the Tiger Lady Ph was born.

We aim to empower Filipinas through informed career choices and job opportunities out there in the wilderness. Tiger Lady Ph is for every Filipino woman out there whether you are a new graduate timidly exploring the new frontier after college, a freelancer on the prowl for her next big client, or someone who who has been hiding in her cave for a long time, waiting for her chance at career growth. Guess what, sister – it’s not going to happen if you sit there and curl up your tail. It’s about time we hear you roar!

Tiger Lady Ph Learning A New Skill for Job Hunting

Career tools & job hunting resources

In our goal to help our fellow Filipino women rise to leadership positions in the workforce, chase after their dream job, and be protected from discrimination and gender bias, the Tiger Lady Ph has these resources for the working Pinay:

  • Self-help blogs about navigating your way around the concrete jungle
  • News and articles that can directly impact your job (can we have 13-month pay updates please?)
  • Q&A content where to get best career advice
  • List of all free online courses, digital certification exams, training, and MOOCs to help you upskill or reskill
  • Toolkits on how to write the best resume template, cover letter samples, and even your career planning strategy worksheets, and
  • A weekly roundup of the latest job openings

See you soon!

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