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9 Ways to update your resume in the Corona virus pandemic

Updating your resume seems to be the most practical thing to do these days. The Covid-19 pandemic has put immense pressure on the Philippine economy and job hunting in these times might be harder as it seems.

The corona virus did not only change the way companies hire. Aside from doing a virtual interview and contact-less hiring process, companies also changed their expectations of the people they’re looking for. This pandemic proved to be more devastating to industries who are not agile enough to have their employees work from home long term, or even permanently. 

Job loss and company closure in Corona Virus pandemic.

Why no one is hiring you

You have x years of solid experience in your field. You have hard-earned skills. You are ultimately capable of doing the ‘job responsibilities’ listed on the job description. 

But here’s the catch – not everyone is hiring these days. Most BPOs, for example, are hiring for pooling purposes only so they will have a ready stream of talents in case a client comes on-board. 

Fret not, it’s not you. But fixing your professional resume might be the best thing to do if you want to get your chances of being hired higher. 

I still have a stable job – do I still need to update my work resume?

The short answer is yes. 

Many of us have found ourselves asking this question in this COVID-conscious world. In the New Normal, work disruptions and temporary employment shifts are here to stay for a longer-term. 

Among those greatly affected are flight attendants, fitness instructors, teachers, hotel staff, event organizers, tour guides, and countless other professionals and freelancers who work primarily in group settings.

The reality is that even if the lockdown will be lifted, the economic downturn would still need heavy lifting. 

Job hunting with resume in corona virus global pandemic

9 Ways to create a DIY resume template that will get you noticed in pandemic job hunting

1) Review your current job role and responsibilities. 

When was the last time you updated your resume? Dust off your resume and start building on it. 

  • What is your current job role? How do you define your roles and responsibilities?
  • Are there any new accomplishments you’ve received in the last few months, years?
  • What are your latest training, certifications, and skills acquired?
  • What are your top 5 strengths?
Tiger Lady tip: Remember that after putting this down in bullet points (goes to the ‘current employment’ part of your job experience), you will spin this into a short and sweet paragraph in your cover letter. This is also your easiest cheat sheet when the hiring interviewer asks “So, tell me about yourself”.

2. List down your employment history aka past companies you’ve worked for

Be kind to yourself and open a Word document. List all of the following:

  • past companies you’ve been employed in (no matter how short your stay was). Your hiring employer can verify this through your tax records.
  • include definite start and end dates (if you can remember)
  • job description for each of the positions you’ve held 
  • training name and dates completed 
Tiger Lady tip: While you’re at it, remember the names of your colleagues, supervisors, and managers you’ve had a good work relationship with. Be sure they will put in a good word about you when the hiring manager will call them as your work reference.
Updating resume in covid-19 recession

3. Tell a good story – revise that resume summary

At this point you’re probably asking – isn’t there an easy to edit resume template? Yes but easy there, tiger.

No matter what you were looking for in your last job interview, you’re probably not in the same state of mind at this time. People grow and priorities change as time goes by. Your career ambition and employment goals may have shifted, too. Are these changes reflected in your pitch? 

Focus on what you can put on the table. If you’re job hunting for the same position you’ve held for years, isn’t it about time you start reaching for a higher role? State your ambitions and expectations briefly and clearly. The hiring manager loves to hear a woman with a career plan. 

Tiger Lady tip: A ‘boring’ resume isn’t about having a colorful template. It’s when it doesn’t tell a compelling narrative about your professional story and what you’ve accomplished so far in your life. 

It should fill in the gaps in the following: how and when you started, what are you doing right now, and what are your future plans

4. Update your education section

Your previous degrees and qualifications remain the same but you might want to add new courses and training programs you’ve been part of at work.

Even the conferences and seminars you’ve attended as long as it’s part of your job description. Sorry, your MLM sales seminars might now work here! 

Tiger Lady tip: Only include courses and seminars applicable to the job you’re applying for. If you’re no longer a fresh graduate, no need to include your college org experiences. 

5. Bring out the big guns – update your skills 

After working some time at your current role, you might have probably increased your proficiency levels with specific software applications. It’s about time to move the slider from “basic” to “expert” levels. Check out the ‘skills’ part of the job role you’re applying for. Make sure you highlight it in your resume. 

Tiger Lady tip: If you’re not yet confident with your skillset, go ahead and find a free online course or find videos on Youtube. This will come in handy during the technical exam. 

6. Use an attractive resume template and keep it short and sweet

Your resume should be like a mini skirt: it’s short enough to be interesting and hold attention while still covering the essential parts.

One-pager resumes are a thing. HR managers love it when it’s easy to skim and they can instantly pick up the buzzwords they’re looking for. So make it visually appealing and stand out from the pile. 

Tiger Lady tip: Who says you don’t have design skillz? Head on to and edit a free resume template. 

7. Get your resume reviewed 

Sure, there are many resume review sites out there but we’re not doing that now. Instead, we DIY through peer review. It’s free and effective. 

Ask your colleagues, friends, supervisors, and managers to review your resume for you. Reach out to friends who are in the same company or field in the job you’re applying for and ask them if your highlighted skills align with their roles and responsibilities. 

Tiger Lady tip: Having a senior position review your resume might open the doors for mentorship. Like Jen who worked in PR, she reached out to an advertising firm exec to help her with her resume. She also ended up with a good character reference who vouched for her capabilities.

8. Update your Linkedin and other job portals.

Make sure your Linkedin profile is up-to-date. Whatever you have in your new resume should also be reflected on your Linkedin account. You can also upload your resume. While you’re mostly at home, now is the best time to bump it up to an All-star Linkedin account. 

Create your profile, too, in popular job boards like Mynimo and Jobstreet. Upload your professional resume and set privacy settings to “searchable with contact details” so companies can look for you. 

Tiger Lady tip: Did you know that you can save your Linkedin profile as a PDF? Go to the “More…” dropdown menu on your profile page and click download as PDF. That’s your instant resume, too. 
Online interview for covid19 job search

9. Practice your virtual interview skills. 

If you were not so confident in face-to-face interviews, doing it online is a different kind of awkward. For one, you don’t …again you do not … look at yourself on the screen.

You are supposed to look straight into the computer camera as if you’re making eye contact with the person right in front of you.

Does it feel like you’re talking to yourself? Yes. Will you be judged by how you react in this unnatural moment? Yes. Practice makes perfect.

Write down the common interview questions like “tell me about yourself” and video yourself answering it. 

Tiger Lady tip:  Here’s a lifehack - print your resume or create an outline. Post it on your computer screen just a little right next to the camera lens. This is how news reporters read their cues while still looking straight at the camera. 
Fresh graduate resume template for job hunting

There you have it, Tiger Ladies. We wish you all the best in your hunt. But what goes with a recession-proof resume? The perfect cover letter, of course. 

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