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Power verbs that should be in your resume

There is no one-size-fits-all in for professional resume templates. However, you can create a powerful narrative through verbs. Check out these action words that should be on your resume right now as you’re job searching for opportunities.

When you helped create something new

Let’s say you were part of the team who conceptualized a new line of hair products for XYZ company.

Instead of just blabbing out “I helped create a Swishy hairspray product for XYZ,” pump it up with more action words to clearly state what you really did or how you added value to the team.

Let’s do it again –

  • I assembled a team of hair product testers for a table discussion on a new product.
  • Conceptualized a hairspray product that is targeted to GenZ
  • I helped launch the new product into the market

When you were part of planning something awesome

It’s not part of your job description but you always volunteer to organize the company’s summer outing every year.

Let’s break it down again to outline your strengths in planning.

  • I arranged for the transportation and logistics of company events
  • Scheduled and mapped out employee engagement activities
  • Targeted x% of employee participation in internal events

When you helped improve a process

There are times when your current company would not give an ef when you do something great to improve a shitty system in the organization.

They often pass it on to you as ‘part of your job’. Fortunately these are the small wins that your prospective employer wants to hear. They want to gauge how useful you are to the company.

And let’s get it rolling –

  • Adapted a new company policy in receiving donations.
  • Augmented distribution channels that were affected by calamity.
  • Standardized a work request template.
  • Optimized the workflow from order taking to product delivery.

When you led teams at work

Team leads, supervisors, and middle managers will be judged not on how long they’ve stayed in the company but how they handle people and resolve conflict.

  • Advised a team of fresh hires on SEO best practices
  • Championed the corporate citizenship through CSR activities
  • Mediated conflict resolution among team members
  • Supervised the retail marketing team and coordinated with sales promotions

There you go. Now it’s your turn. Practice these saying these action words, too, for your virtual job interview.

Now that you have these power keywords in your resume, don’t forget to follow this winning resume format.

You’re welcome.


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